EZ1 - EZ2


How to connect your pool. This product and this application allows to obtain new services and simplify the use of your pool by driving your technical room from your smartphone.


EZPool offers you to simplify and guide you throughout your season so that your pool is only FUN.


With the boxes EZ1 and EZ2, you will be able to control your devices and optimize their operation, while saving energy and chemicals.


The company EZPool offers an application, EZPool.app to
control all devices in your pool wherever you are.


  • WIFI Connection
  • Manage multiple pools
  • Air and water temperature information
  • Water flow information
  • Manage your filtration pump
  • Light up your pool

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  • Control your chlorine level
  • Control your pH level
  • Control your water pressure
  • Check the opening/closing of your shutter
  • Manage your treatment devices
  • 2 Ext to connect various options (Heat pump, Garden Light, Fountain, Robot or Swimming against the current).

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